Step Into The NYC Office Of Fueled East

Fueled, a New York City-based App design company, was recently outfitted with a new Manhattan-meets-London office using the design service HomePolish.

As a company, Fueled aims to designs apps that look and feel like art. With clients ranging from from MTV to Coca Cola, the Fueled team “strives to create mobile apps that set themselves apart from the mass of mobile web products that proliferate the tech scene.”

Fueled was also interested in having a unique office environment in which to create these unique app experiences:

“Part downtown Manhattan part London obsession, Fueled’s office is a testament to the power of designer/client collaboration. Entrepreneur and fashionisto, Fueled’s creator Rameet Chawla, played a large roll in the process, working with HomePolish to construct a space built almost entirely of local vintage finds.

The result is an office that functions as both a creative hub for Fueled’s mobile talent and a space for the young company’s events.”

The office has an open bullpen style workspace with several adjacent conference spaces for impromptu meetings. Lounge space is comfortably arrayed as well. I love the dark, antique styling of the office as it gives it some real character tech offices routinely leave by the wayside.

DesignHomePolish is a new service which recruits top young designers from top firms and unleashes their design skills to the masses. All for the low price of $50/hour.