BeCore’s Downtown Los Angeles Warehouse Offices

Award-winning experiential marketing agency, BeCore, moved into their new Downtown Los Angeles headquarters in 2012. Located in a great warehouse space on Mateo Street, the office houses the company’s 35 employees.

Cement floors, brick walls, and wooden beams give the space a wonderful raw quality that is perfectly suited to the warehouse nature of the office. And while warehouses are often used as a single space, BeCore has opted to break it up using glass walls that add to the industrial feel while acting as sound barriers.

“Built within a warehouse, the unique office space offers an unconventional format that provides close cooperation between all departments. Part of the warehouse was converted into a sleek office space that includes a cork-walled conference room, a number of offices, as well as a large patio area where weekly team meetings take place. The remainder of the warehouse is home to vehicle fabrications, client event assets, as well as an in-house green screen that BeCore rents out to nearby studios and media agencies.

The reception area provides clients and visitors with a unique intro to BeCore and the company’s core values. A custom fountain designed by H20 Development, along with reclaimed wood walls covered in descriptive words preceded by “Be”  create a welcoming environment the second you step into the office.”

As the company’s work is based in creativity, it is fitting that the space be filled with art. Everything from sculptures and fountains and wall art are displayed.

And luckily enough for us, there was just enough wall space for a sexy Sean Connery to make his presence known.