Gabia’s New Offices

  • Client Gabia,
  • Location Seongnam City, South Korea,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Korean internet and mobile business solutions company, Gabia, has recently moved into a new office located in Seongnam City with the help of designers TAOTMS Architecture & Design and L design. The concept of the office is titled The Human Ribbon and represents “the idea of connection and continuity of one’s energy and philosophies. It is a Nerve system of emotion, where data and people connect, nest and get together.” This ribbon spans both floors of the office from the lobby to the work areas. As a part of the design, different spaces are color codes to evoke different moods and emotions. Some nots on the colors follow:

    Red The red color is probably the most fascinating of all. It stands out as a warm color, energetic, insightful and somehow comforting and enveloping. This warm color does not leave indifferent and this is its strength: it stirs the passions. Red is the color that has the greatest impact on our physiological functions. This is probably why it has always been associated with joy, passion, translating the exuberance and speed while drawing attention. The red goes well with white and black.

    Green The green is probably the strongest color in nature. Rightly associated with the plant world which is its most worthy representative, the green is soothing, refreshing and even invigorating. In occidental culture, it is associated with hope and luck. The advantage of this color is that it is generally in line with all other, especially with the colors as they are from nature.

    Black & White White is a perspective view synthesis of all the chromatic colors. This probably explains the sense that it be granted in the Occident: that of unity, the perfect balance. For generations, white is associated with purity, perfection and the divine. The white lends itself perfectly to all contexts: it blends perfectly with any color, and it is difficult to lasser. Tout as white, black is not strictly a color term , however, it associates a psychological point of view, carrying the black color as a symbolic one. In optics, black absorbs all wavelengths and is characterized by its apparent lack of color, unlike white which is obtained by returning all wavelengths it absorbs equally. Behind the dark side, the dark also offers another face, combined with the elegance and simplicity. Perhaps precisely because the black is meant as a second step a neutral color that does not express itself in passionate feelings.

    DesignTAOTMS Architecture & Design and L design