Roche Pharmaceuticals’ New Israeli Offices

  • Client Roche,
  • Location Hod-Hasharon, Israel,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Occupying two floors in Hod-Hasharon, the new offices of Roche Pharmaceuticals give the company a modern and sleek space for their Israeli operations. The office was designed by Ron Grinberg Architects and has a number of excellent features.

    The designers included a nice writeup of the space:

    “Customer requirements were to design unique two-story offices that will look like offices for Pharmaceutical company, so our total look concept was taken from the vocabulary of drugs and pills – the shape of a capsule characterized in a clear and clean, curved lines and clear colors.

    This total look controls the project and is characterized by a combination of straight lines – angular and rounded corners, and is reflected in section walls that surround the core structure, the general plan, the staircase plan and shape, ceiling and distribution of specialty woodworking items. The section rhythm stops from time to time, thus partially exposing the concrete ceiling and the systems in it.

    This exposure underscores the cleaning of the building elements, creating a contrast between black and white, hidden and visible. The program consist various requirements, including several meeting rooms of various sizes, ranging from the meeting of two – three employees, through the meeting of 15 employees, and a multi-purpose space that can accommodate up to 70 employees. Cafeteria space was designed with emphasis on creating multi seating areas as diverse as possible, intimate and public.

    The connection between the two floors was primarily by lifts running at the building typical floor lobby. This situation created a disconnection between the two parts of the office. Our proposed solution was to cut a hole through the concrete floor and creating an internal private new staircase to the company that connects the two levels of the project.

    One of the major highlights was the creation of compartmentalization and separation of the reception lobby and the rest of the office intimate areas so that the visitor gets a glimpse to heart of the office, and the exposure to the other spaces is gradual. Planning process was given the importance of a clear division of the company’s departments, with each department director’s group located with their employees; sitting in a space consisting of open space was designed as mini office work area, storage and reception. These open space boots allows privacy to the employees and create quiet, pleasant and productive spaces.

    Characterized finishing materials, such as carpets, ceilings and acoustical wall coverings, also contribute to the high acoustic insulation, which supports creating quiet spaces.”

    Design team: Ron Grinberg, Elad Cohen, Dana Sade
    Architect:Ron Grinberg Architects
    Photography: Uzi Porat