Inside Atölye15’s Offices

  • Client Atölye15,
  • Location Izmir, Turkey,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Turkish web design and development company Atölye15 has a bright and open office space. The firm employs 10 and is located in the coastal city of Izmir. Oğuz Güç sends over a description of the space:

    “Imagine an office, small but creative, young and authentic, vintage and modern. The design of the office is a representation of our team, our creativity, our young and dynamic but a little vintage soul. We designed our office freely without even the touch of an architect for our comfort with no rules. When you walk around our office you would find yourself in a place where there are vintage posters hanging, or in a corner where you would see old soda cans on the floor, or in a different place where you would see old records from 80s hung from the ceiling. We care about authenticity and quality. We are actually smaller than the other agencies, we are a boutique agency. We love to make a difference so we didn’t end up like the other agencies, and we won’t. Maybe that is the reason we act more freely and act exactly like “Atölye15″.”