Mind & Health’s Calm and Comfortable Office Design

  • Client Mind & Health,
  • size 8,072 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Naarden, Netherlands,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Mind & Health is a medical office that provides patients with in-depth information about their current health status. They recently moved into a new facility designed by New Purpose. Previously we’ve seen New Purpose’s work in the offices of Hyves, Greetz, and Dobla.

    Though this space is a bit different from our usual offices in that it is medically-related rather than specifically designed for office work, there are some great features to the space that we’ll find inside.

    First of all, I like that the offices and patient rooms are located around the exterior of the layout, with the hospitality features located in the interior. If we extend this idea to an office, employees can be placed around a central hub that contains casual lounge seating, cafe space, or even collaborative elements like whiteboards.

    The project also have a very bright and fresh design. If I were a patient, the warm tones of the space would be might nicer than typical  clinical patient spaces. For office designers, it would also seem important to use colors, materials, and textures to achieve a desired atmosphere where employees can feel comfortable.

    DesignNew Purpose