BASF’s Flexible and Open Chile Offices

  • Client BASF,
  • size 31,100 sqft
  • Year 2011
  • Location Santiago, Chile,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Worldwide chemical company BASF has an open and flexible corporate office in Santiago, Chile. Designed by Contract Workplaces, the office uses a number of elements to create an office that is useful for many different objectives.

    “BASF’s corporate headquarters in Santiago de Chile city, occupies two open floors of 1400 m2 each. The project concept and the interior design were solved by Contract Chile. We use the concept of Open Space in all operative areas. For the managers positions we build Closed Offices adjacent to each operating open sector that promotes the communication and the transparency in the whole space.

    The two central stairways increase the vertical interaction between areas. In this work there are also flexible areas such as meeting tables, phone booths, lounge, informal meeting points, and coffee stop. By the use of these resources such as graphics and system furniture design, we gave identity to the whole place.

    The final result is a space dominated by straight lines, light full, with materials like wood and glass and a pattern of colors that represents the corporate identity.”

    Contract Workplaces also designed one of 2012’s Most Popular Offices with their work on Mercado Libre. See that project here.

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