Quick Left’s Healthy and Productive Warehouse Offices

  • Client Quick Left,
  • Year 2013
  • Location Boulder, Colorado, United States,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Quick Left, a Boulder-based software development consultancy, recently worked with Tres Birds Workshop to design a new office which focused on health and productivity for their growing company.

    From the designer:

    “Starting with light, tres birds workshop designed the floor plan so that every corner of the office would receive the sun’s replenishing benefits. Existing lighting structures were repositioned for maximum efficiency and the outside windows were stripped of their tinting to allow full sunlight penetration.

    Addressing indoor air quality, floors were ground down to their primal layer, freeing them of chemical coating, and use of powder coating on workstation bays prevents additional chemical off-gassing. In addition, Quick Left gained one worker who never stops; the garden ‘dirt snake’ is busy round the clock, infusing oxygen and ions into the office environment. Reclaimed material usage was also prevalent throughout the Quick Left project.

    Surplus pallet racks used to form the frames of workstation bays, with walls made from recycled PET plastic bottles that mitigates sound and aids in transfusing light. Meeting tables were constructed from leftover wall frames of the previous business.”

    DesignTres Bird Workshop
    Photography: Sam Campbell / NVRVR