Inside Teamgnesda’s Social and Mobile Vienna Office

Vienna-based Real Estate consulting and strategy firm Teamgnesda has submitted their office space which was designed after a rigorous study of the company work processes. The design works to balance the social component of offices with the advances of modern technology.

Teamgnesda has sent over the following brief which explains the design decisions and company processes which it accommodates:

“We started with a thorough analysis of our work processes with regards to teamwork, project work, focused working alone or in groups and client meetings. Thus, the interior design department could draw up the various requirements concerning quality and quantity, using a functional space-planning programme.

Colleagues’ Needs: Several workshops took place in order to make the change process more tangible, and also in order to record the special and creative emotions of each colleague. First of all, the space utilisation plan was discussed and adapted in the workshops. We organised a photographic competition to identify ideas for the design. Each colleague could hand in up to five photographs that depict their ideal working environment. All contents could be divided into categories: nature (mountains, ocean, beach chair), library, café, and also classical, modern or technological ambiance. Moreover, some expressed the wish to be able to work in any one room as they please as opposed to being bound to a specific workplace or a specific room.

Interior Design: All the collected needs were integrated into the design. This design was to be a framework in which each colleague could draw their own, individual picture. The new office was offer means and ways to move and work freely, without defined and set workplaces. The topics collected in the photographic competition were the basis for the design of the rooms.

Teamgnesda´s Approach: A consistent design of all rooms including similar equipment, colours and materials would not have met the collected ideas and needs. In fact, rooms with totally different atmospheres were designed: the nature room, the café with music, the culture room or library, the club room and also the functional rooms such as the market place (project room) and the meeting room. For their journey to the new office, each colleague was equipped with a large mobile trolley containing his or her personal working materials and documents.

The technological bases for this modern working behaviour are laptops, mobile phones and head sets. The workplace concept envisions a solely non-territorial working behaviour. This means that each morning, the workplace is selected according to personal dispositions. In all rooms, it is possible to work in a comfortable atmosphere – either in a team or alone. The awareness of feeling comfortable in a pleasant atmosphere contributes to the personal well-being. Moreover, it enables relaxed cooperation that counteracts the stressful day-to-day work and helps transforming working hours back to living-hours.”