New Feature: The Designer Index

Office Snapshots is approaching its 6th birthday and I finally added a new feature the site should have had since the beginning: The Designer Index.

I’ve recently been trying to do things to change the way Office Snapshots operates. Running the site as a blog is great, but blogs are pretty poor at resurfacing content from the past. I’m trying to add more tools that allow for a much better and easier browsing experience for content that isn’t brand new.

The Designer Index is basically a listing of designers and architects whose projects are featured on Office Snapshots. OS has developed a number of great relationships with some incredible firms over the years and it only seems right to do a better job of highlighting their incredible work.

The Designer Index

The Designer Index is currently located here, but can also be accessed on the navigation bar at the top of the site. Now, readers can easily access this page from anywhere on Office Snapshots.

Designer Profiles

In creating the Designer Index, I reached out to a number of firms who all provided me logos, descriptions, specialties, locations, and links to fill out a short profile. This profile is displayed above a listing of the projects their firm has had posted on Office Snapshots.

I tried to keep it simple as to provide a brief highlight of the firm, but not have it be too cluttered – and of course, if you want more information on their company, you can just go to their website.

Designer Cards

And now that I have data on many firms, I can use it around the site to provide a better experience. One way was through the display of designer information on projects they’ve completed. I think this will be helpful for those browsing projects looking to see more projects by the same designer.


Q. Does this list every designer that has ever submitted a project?

A. Not currently. I would like to grow the list to contain all designers and architects with project on Office Snapshots. If you you have a project on the site and are not already in the Index, feel free to reach out to me and we’ll get you on there.

Q. I don’t have a project on Office Snapshots, can I be listed?

A. As of right now, this index is meant to highlight the firms whose projects are already on Office Snapshots. If you would like to be included, feel free to reach out and submit a project, but be aware that the site is curated and not all submissions are accepted.

Do you have any questions or comments?

Here are a few shots of the various features mentioned above: