BIZZBY’s Colorful and Open London Offices

Smartphone App BIZZBY has a colorful and open office for their 11 staff members in London’s Silicon Roundabout. Striving to be anything but dull, the company has successfully transformed a Victorian curtain pole factory into a fun, vibrant workspace.

The company provides the following brief:

“In its office on the 3rd floor of an old Victorian curtain pole factory in Shoreditch, surrounded by exposed brickwork, industrial furnishings and a wooden vaulted ceiling, BIZZBY has created what could just be the most colourful and dramatic workspace in London. As a tribute to its Shoreditch location, one of the capital’s most talented graffiti artists, Lucaso, has created an 1800 sq ft montage of rich colours on the wooden floor depicting every facet of Planet Earth. The stars twinkle, the sea looks good enough to swim in, even the grass in the indoor garden looks like it’s been freshly mowed this morning.

At BIZZBY Planet HQ ‘Planet’ is the operative word – the flashy and futuristic loft style offices are an apt setting for the forward thinking mobile startup super-squad they are housing.

“Since BIZZBY is about creating extraordinary change in the world of work we dreamed up the concept of a Planetary system, from the mystery and darkness of outer space, through Earth’s atmosphere, down through the deepest oceans and into the molten mass that is the centre of our human World”, says Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, BIZZBY’s CEO. “We wanted to capture the beauty of the planet we all inhabit and use that to show how much the future holds for us all.”

With LEDs twinkling amongst the planets of the BIZZBY solar system flooring, glowing orbs on each surface, luminous flowerpots littered on the grassy perimeter, and anything else that could possibly shine, glow, flicker or beam – BIZZBY Planet Headquarters puts the flash in flashy.

Rohan explains, “We wanted to build an environment which is full of ideas, where creativity can run rife. And then top it by ignoring the conventions of a typical boring office. So, for example, we have no working hours – we all come and go as we please. You can go on holiday as often as you like or you can stay all day and all night. If you are here at 8.00pm we make dinner and there’s fresh fruit and snacks all day long. Some of our team sit on beanbags with their toes in the grass all day, others prefer to sit at a desk. And we reckon we are more productive and more focussed due to the freedom this new kind of work environment offers. Our team knows what they have to do. We don’t care where they do it. ”

Funky office and work freedom makes BIZZBY one of the capital’s most desirable places to work!”