Slide Into Peer 1 Hosting’s European Headquarters

Peer 1 Hosting recently celebrated the opening of their new European Headquarters located in Southampton, UK. Designed by Space and Solutions, the goal was to create the best place to work in the UK as a means of innovation, creativity, and acquiring and keeping great talent.

With a youthful staff, collaboration and social interaction were important. Cramming as many people into a small space was not. All staff are equipped with laptops, not given fixed desks, and encouraged to work throughout the office at any of the available workspaces and work areas. Staff can also enjoy a variety of  amenities throughout the office – a vintage cinema, an English pub, communal cafeteria, indoor tree swings, mini golf, and coffee bar. Located at the end of a pier, the office commands dramatic views of both the city and The Solent.

Spanning three levels and 17,000 sqft, an adult slide can be used to greet guests on the ground floor reception and waiting space. We’ve seen a number of slides over the years, but this one is probably one of the most impressive of the bunch.

One feature the Peer 1 office has which I’ve never seen before are two fully-furnished apartments which give a place for overseas guests to stay while in town. Waking up, getting ready, and sliding right into the office sounds like a perfect way to start the morning. As long as coffee is ready and waiting for though.

Design: Space and Solutions