Paymentwall’s Berlin Offices

  • Client Paymentwall,
  • Location Berlin, Germany,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Leading payment platform company Paymentwall has submitted their Berlin office which is designed to incorporate collaboration, fun, and gives the company plenty of room to grow.

    “10 people work out of our 300 sqm Berlin office at the very center of historical Berlin above Google Berlin, O2 and Mercedes flagship stores in a penthouse overlooking Unter den Linden and Friedrichstrasse.

    The office is decorated by Vela Designs out of Istanbul, Turkey with furniture from the US, Italy, Turkey. There is also a custom LED table conceived by the Paymentwall Team in San Francisco as a gift to the Berlin office working together with the design firm. The LED table also doubles as a ping-pong table.

    In the middle of the lounge area of the open space office space is a cloud light which moves slowly as if it were a real cloud, above European design award winning couches and LED screens showcasing real time transactions.

    In the back part of the office, there is a kitchen, which is meant to unite the team together during lunch and after hour parties. During lunch, an employee is selected by a script and they have to cook for the rest of the team. This happens in all Paymentwall offices until they reach 20 people when a chef is hired.

    As the first American company opening offices in Berlin, the Paymentwall team wanted to combine Silicon Valley open office design with European ultra-modern design touches.”