Bubble’s Efficient and Teamwork-based Offices

  • Client Bubble,
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Social Media agency, Bubble, has created a wonderfully modern office space. The Prague-based company has designed the space in contrast to the nearby corporate offices by striving to select a layout and furniture to enhance teamwork and efficiency.

    The company explains:

    “Just like the beliefs in Bubble’s online practices, the themes of openness, originality, and communication ring true in the interior design. Desks are arranged by employee needs to communicate. Those who work together most, sit within earshot and eyesight of each other. The lunch table is strategically placed longwise, to keep the room open and accessible. The spritz of color on the piping adds the brightness needed to keep everyone thinking optimistically.

    Bubble desks are made from sturdy chunks of wood, smoothed over with a natural finish for working comfort and quality. The sturdy wooden slates sit atop of removable geometric white legs made from metal rods. To continue with the wooden trend, the bar table is made from a row of neatly sanded palette material. At the back the palettes continue in the form of bookshelves, painted over with a white vintage-looking finish for simplicity.

    Along the back wall we have a glowing white neon of the company logo surrounded by ever-evolving, hand-painted mural art by our very own graphic designer.

    On the adjacent wall, we play up our French double-pane windows with gold-painted pipes that run down beside them. Instead of curtains, we opted for horizontal blinds to crop out just the right amount of sunlight, all season long.

    In the conference room, a round table sits neatly on a white rug for sound proofing. Carved into the center of the table is our logo, again. We’re a pretty proud team of Bubbles 😉 Natural light is very important for us, so we made sure to add some glass to the outward facing wall, letting in a snippet of sunshine.

    The floors originally came with hardwood, but the quality was somewhat laminate and cracking a the edges. Instead, we opted for gray painted sheets of recycled wood for smooth office chair rolling. “