Meyr-Melnhof’s Wood-Inspired Headquarters

  • Client Mayr-Melnhof,
  • Location Leoben, Austria,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • The headquarters for Mayr-Melnhof – an Austrian wood processing company – was designed by Nussmüller architects, who joined forces with Bene, to conjure up a light and spacious environment that brings together areas for communication and concentration with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

    A description of the project from Bene:

    “The headquarters’ innovative wooden structure, designed by Nussmüller architects, appears to float. Framed by a stable wood structure with M+M-shaped supports, the building is suspended several meters above the ground. This remarkable ensemble consists of two oblong wooden cubes which are connected by a glass structure, suggesting the stability and dynamism of Mayr-Melnhof Holz Holding AG. The firm is one of the leading wood processing enterprises whose roots reach back to the 19th century. Surrounded by woodland, the green building adapts well to its environs whilst showcasing the material wood in an artistic manner. Wood as a building material is particularly cost-efficient and made it possible to complete construction in only ten months.

    Inviting reception area.
    The connecting structure, made of glass, spans two storeys and houses the foyer and reception area. The transparent glass cube breaks up the solidity of the 80-meter-tall wooden frame and fuses their different architectural qualities. The architectural interplay of open versus closed, light versus heavy, glass versus wood, exemplifies the creative potential that can occur when opposing aspects meet, as is the case within a positive corporate culture. The pine tree in the centre of the atrium – from which offices and meeting rooms radiate away – is the centre of attention inside the light-suffused cubic space.

    Incorporating a cafeteria and restaurant the connecting structure encourages relaxation, simul-taneously providing space for informal exchanges and communication. The space is enhanced by the curves of the Rondo wood chair which accents the room’s pale wood structure with its dark brown hues. Additional lounges are arranged on the office floors. The connecting glass structure and the glass facades of the wooden cubes afford spectacular vistas of the Styrian landscape.

    Work spaces with stunning views.

    The sophisticated Bene furnishing scheme combines the generous open communication areas inside the connecting structure with private areas for concentration. The office staff work in single and open-plan offices extending on two floors inside the oblong wooden cube structure. Featuring clear geomet-ric forms the offices appear open toward the inside thanks to transparent, flush mounted RG glass partition walls. Red K2 sideboards delineate the individual work spaces, creating separate areas for concentration, whilst still enabling views across the entire floor thanks to their low height (114 cm). This arrangement embodies Bene’s notion of corporate culture as a continuous process of experiencing and learning. This is accomplished at Mayr- Melnhof by combining dynamism, transparency and privacy. The result is an interior which promotes work and the exchange of information, and which improves individual motivation by focusing on the benefit of the entire team. Thus, office furnishing becomes a vehicle for corporate development.

    The offices at the wood processing firm were furnished with Bene‘s T-line, whilst AL furniture combined with state-of-the-art media technology was used for conference rooms and management offices. Alternating light and dark hardwood floors help to set the stage for dynamic activities at the office. The architects paired champagne coloured chairs in the lounges with exclusive walnut hardwood flooring. The warm red of the furniture accents the space together with a variety of wood tones.”

    DesignNussmüller Architekten ZT GmbH, Graz
    Interior: Bene, Austria
    Photography: Paul Ott, Jorj Konstantinov