Wunderman & Burston.Marsteller Barcelona Head Office

  • Client Wunderman,
  • Location Barcelona, Spain,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Global advertising and PR firms Wunderman and Burson.Marsteller worked with  Manufactured By Design Architects_MDBA and 808 State to create a new head office is located in L´illa, Rafael Moneo´s commercial and offices building, in Barcelona.

    “The office has 400m2 and we have to create two areas, one for Burson.Marsteller company, and other for Wunderman´s, with common areas like meeting rooms, kitchen and reception.

    The idea is to keep the open-plan space that is given, so the idea is to generate two circulations, one next to façade and the interior one. In the middle space, we locate working areas, that are delimited by wardrobe walls where we hide the existing vertical structure and we place both directors area as glass boxes in the middle, so Burson´s director looks to Burson.Marsteller area, and Wunderman director looks to Wunderman area.

    In each area, working space is no divided, we organize professions just with the furniture and with no clear boundary. The reception area was very important for both companies, so we generate a large clean area with an oak reception desk-bench for clients, and next to it, 3 meeting rooms.

    Materials: We use natural oak for the reception desk-bench and for meeting room´s walls and the rest of the office is based on white lacquered wood for wardrobes and working desks, glass, and a textured black woven vinyl flooring.”

    Design: Manufactured By Design Architects_MDBA + 808 State
    Photography: Margaret Stepien