bERS Logistics’ Sofia Offices

  • Client bERS Logistics,
  • Location Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • bERS Logistics recently moved into a new office which had been converted from an old two-story textile factory in Kazichene, Sofia, Bulgaria from the 1930’s. Gamma Design completed the transformation into a modern, sleek office for the company, while maintaining the charm of the original architecture.

    “As an accent emphasizing the original architecture, the factory chimney and characteristic sloping roof were retained, providing plenty of natural daylight throughout the building.

    The design of the office space retains the industrial feel of the original warehouse, clearing it of all unnecessary elements and selecting materials such as exposed concrete, glass, granite and polycarbonate.

    The lighting, both natural and artificial, has an important role in the space. Fully glazed meeting rooms are well lit during the day by the natural light from the glazed roof and during the evening by lighting units with typical industrial design.

    Oversized graphics provide accents to the reception area, along the open stairwell and in the directorís office.

    The furnishing consists predominantly of pieces by iconic designers and producers: furniture by Jean Nouvel/Unifor; Eames Aluminum Group Chairs and workstation furniture by Kartell.”

    Design: Gamma Design