Be Great Partners’ Los Angeles Offices

  • Client Be Great Partners,
  • Year 2013
  • Location Los Angeles, California, United States,
  • Be Great Partners is a startup incubator/accelerator based in Los Angeles with an office on the 21st floor of the Variety Building. A key goal of the office is to promote collaboration, innovation, and culture.

    “Be Great Partners is more than an incubator-accelerator. We began by bootstrapping our own products through all stages of development, so we understand the challenges facing young tech entrepreneurs. Our Miracle Mile offices were designed by us to reflect our vibrant company culture and our commitment to innovation, style and hard work, all while meeting the unique needs of a startup.

    From the moment the elevator doors slide open, visitors are greeted with the fluid electronica that sets the day’s creative tempo as well as a rotating display of our star portfolio companies, including an Enplug social media-powered billboard.

    Our lobby is bright, bold and welcoming. From the reception area, guests can get a glimpse of the open communal workspace known as the Pit, join an impromptu meeting in one of our four digitally-integrated conference rooms, or observe our phenomenal 21st Floor view of Los Angeles.

    We believe creativity is crucial to success. Throughout the Be Great Partners space, visitors will find gorgeous, full-color inspirational murals and dedicated offices for brainstorming the next great startup idea.

    We also know it’s important to relax and recharge after a long day. In addition to our break room, which is fully stocked with snacks, sodas and Starbucks coffee, we have foosball, ping pong, pool and a home theater room where employees can take a break with a BluRay or play a round of videogames.

    Our office is our home away from home, so we created an environment where productivity will flourish, team members will forge strong bonds, and every startup that walks into our lobby can unleash its full potential.”