PIXERS’ Colorful Poland Office & Mural

  • Client PIXERS,
  • Year 2012
  • Location Wroclaw, Poland,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • PIXERS, an online shop with wall murals and stickers, has been constantly growing since its creation in 2009. Because of its fast development, in October 2012 PIXERS’ team moved to the new office in the center of Wroclaw, Poland.

    “It is located in a beautiful historic building in the Pokoyohof Passage, which originally was a Jewish property, an inn established in the 17th Century. The passage was built in 1910 and throughout the history has served both as a business and cultural center. The immediate vicinity of the building plays host to hotels, bars, restaurants as well as houses of worship of a different faiths, giving this area a cosmopolitan diversity and authentic character, which lasts to the current day.

    PIXERS’ office is located in one of the huge warehouses on the second floor of the building adjacent to the passage – thus, the open space gave a great opportunity to organize it and to make it special in its own way. After dividing the interior between the sections predestined for creative workers, customer service, IT, etc., it was time to rework the empty white walls. Following an inspirational flow, graphics and illustrator from PIXERS created their own wall mural that converted the space into something more than only an average office.

    Colorful designs of reinterpreted characters from popular culture make a great match with classic black and white photos of PIXERS’ employees and with minimalistic office furniture. This office space is unusual, because it is also a space for fun and social living. And the interior design makes a great contribution to this fact.”