MDCL Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client MDCL,
  • Year 2013
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • MDCL is a family-run chemical and medical manufacturing, packaging and delivery services company located in Tel Aviv. Michal Rosen recently worked with the firm to create a new office design that feels like home.

    Michal Rosen provides the following notes:

    “The new interior design concept is aimed at creating workspaces that feels like home.  Start up companies commenced  the trend as a natural response to the stress at work, the long working hours and the need to relax and refresh in a homelike atmosphere. This direction expanded quickly to office design for many other fields of occupation

    The cozy and warm aura in this office,   is created by several  characteristics:  first, you can’t find a reception counter here that create an automatic formal ambience. Instead, you are welcomed to eat and drink when you enter the office.  The kitchen, located at the heart of the office is comfortable and well equipped for preparing meals and you can eat at the bar facing the pastoral landscape outside.

    Other elements that create a warm environment are the big library with the brick wall at the background and the bathroom where the workers can take a refreshing shower after they get to work by bike or anytime along the day.

    The office design is a precise composition of contradictions that creates  the  unique atmosphere:  classic and contemporary is manifested by materials like wood and bricks together with cement and glass .The transparency of the glass walls create a pleasant flow of spaces on the one hand and  emphasize  the massive materials like cement and wood on the other hand.  The rounded hanged light fixtures contradict the straight lines design and create an interesting  composition.

    The revealed air condition and electricity systems  with an industrial touch is a reminder to the company’s occupation field.”

    Design : Michal Rosen
    Photography:  Katya Lin