The New TripAdvisor Office In Singapore

  • Client TripAdvisor,
  • Year 2013
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Technology, Travel,
  • Kyoob-id has completed an interior design and build project for the Singaporean offices of TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site.

    Project notes from the designer:

    “The office in Singapore comprises the general work area, seven meeting rooms, pantry, and resources rooms. Six months is needed to complete the design conceptualisation and building of this Asia Pacific regional office. With sites in 30 countries and in 21 languages, TripAdvisor connects travellers from all over the world, enabling them to plan and have the perfect trip. It is this connectivity that drove the inspiration behind the interior concept for the dynamic, global firm.

    “The world is one big playground. We want to emulate a fun environment likening to a travel experience in the office considering the travel and leisure scope of its business and industry. As a result, employees go to work as if they’re on a trip every day, revitalised and renewed to tackle on their work, “explains Kyoob-id’s associate director, Maggie Yeo.

    In the interior design, an eclectic blend of materials, furnishing, and colours – light oak and accents of bright hues – are utilised to signify diverse travel experiences; and lots of open spaces, exposed ceilings, movement, and natural light to inspire creativity and dynamic thinking among staff.

    TripAdvisor’s branding distinctly pervades through the interiors. At the reception, dynamic strips of light-oak timber etched out from the floor to simulate a larger-than-life bird cage. TripAdvisor’s owl logo icon is reconstructed in 3-d veneer finish, and cast in glass to create a peek-a-boo into the two adjoining meeting rooms, which can be combined into one big room for larger group discussions. The pure-white reception table is styled with feathered layers with concealed lights peeking out. Flooring is amorphous cement vinyl tiling – this raw detailing creates an interesting tension with the modern-fantasy aura exuded from the chic cage design.

    Spatial plan of the office takes into consideration natural light for all staff with workstations planned near the windows and resources areas at the central core to facilitate work. To encourage flexibility in staff movement, staff can choose to work standing up or sitting down. It is because work tables, which are from Technigroup, are equipped with a manual cranking device to allow them to be adjusted from normal desk height up to 1.1 metres, depending on the preference of the staff.

    At the pantry, a world map collage reminiscent of a travel scrap book is emblazoned on the wall lined with a row of bar-height chairs and tables. A blanket seating bench in light timber laminate is placed at the opposite end and acts as a screen shield. Seating, made of aluminium, effuses industrialist vibe and complements the raw, rugged detailing of the travel map graphic. Luscious greenery pervades to help staff relax during their meals or informal discussions.”