New Feature: Products, Products, Products

For 6+ years, Office Snapshots has given architecture and design firms the ability to present their amazing work to the community. Today, I’m happy to announce the addition of a new section of the site which will give furniture companies the opportunity to show off what they do best: products.

Davis Furniture & Watson

The first two companies to have their products included are Davis Furniture and Watson, which together offer a nice selection of desks, tables, and seating I think you’ll enjoy. A couple of my favorite products currently listed are the Span table by Davis and the Tonic benching system by Watson.

Browsing Products

Browsing products is as simple as browsing offices. The browse page includes an eye-catching photo, the product name, and the brand name. Just find products you like and visit their page to find out more about them. As more products are added, the ability to sort by product type will be made available.

Each product has its own page which shows not only great product images but also the necessary contact details and an easy link to the product’s website. You can see a product you like then quickly and easily find out more about it to use in your next office redesign.

To see the new Product section, go here.

Get Your Products Added

I’ll be adding more products in the coming days and weeks. If you’re interested in having your product added, shoot me an email at [email protected]