Across the Pond’s Soho Offices

  • Client Across the Pond,
  • size 2,626 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Across the Pond are an award winning production company that have recently moved into a new office in Soho designed by Trifle Creative. As the in-house video agency for Google and YouTube, they were previously based at Google HQ and serviced offices.

    Project notes from Trifle Creative:

    “They wanted us to create a space that reflected the companies creativity and be more than just an ‘office’ it should represent ATP’s values, be fun, creative, innovative and relaxing. A place where employees and clients want to spend time and be proud of.

    ATP is a dynamic global company that is growing, it has permanent and temporary staff and we wanted to create a space that reflected this, so open plan and collaborative but also to have informal relaxed areas as well as some private offices and meeting rooms.

    Through zoning the office areas, and using innovative design and materials, we created a flexible and creative open plan office space. Long communal bespoke desks that factored in cable management were practical, stylish and gave the characterful unique look that ATP wanted. Even the offices & meeting rooms felt inclusive as all were glass fronted with homely touches such as pendant lights and reclaimed wooden shelves & bespoke desks.

    A large café style kitchen area was built, with a huge long ‘family’ table allowing employees to be able to come together and relax or to have informal meetings. Smaller Parisian café style tables, pendant lighting and reclaimed wooden cladding gave all the finishing touches to the sociable and relaxed feel.

    By balancing the building, branding, office culture and experiences of Across the Pond we created a space full of personality and which everyone is excited to work in, be part of and call home.”

    Design: Trifle Creative