Inside Dental America’s Porto Alegre Offices

  • Client Dental America,
  • size 1,500 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Porto Alegre, Brazil,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • 0E1 Arquitetos has completed the design of a new office for orthodontics and dental equipment company Dental America.

    “For this design, an office for an orthodontics importer, the first decision was to divide the plot in two programmatic portions: attached to the windows, a large dynamic work area, subdivided with a thin glass layer and, towards the division closed wall, the most static and divided uses.

    The different uses were then grouped and organized in order to establish a transition between the social areas, designed to welcome clients, and the strict ones, dedicated to administrative uses, from the access and conference room towards the other side, where the canteen – used only by employees – is located. This transition is visually enhanced by a graphic intervention derived from the companyís identity that develops into a continuous opacity gradient.

    This work consists of aseptic and clear materials, strongly avoiding the presence of unnecessary details, aiming towards smooth and immaculate surfaces. The floors ethereal whiteness is reflected in the ceiling, contrasting with the darker vertical surfaces that split these two elements. In the conference room, this horizontal symmetry is enhanced by a dark curtain that spreads through all the perimeter of the area, sliding into an antechamber for the toilet.

    While working in such a restrict plot, every decision must be taken after an intense reflection on what is truly necessary. In this design, once everything that proved to be unnecessary was removed, the only thing left was the essence of Architecture.”

    Design0E1 Arquitetos