Inside 2o’s Spaceship Offices

  • Client 2o,
  • Year 2013
  • Location Timișoara, Romania,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • Ezzo Design has completed a new office space for Romanian game studio 2o. Located in Timisoara, the office is designed to be resemble the interior of a spaceship whose interior has been invaded by natural materials.

    Given that people no longer get easily charmed, or, perhaps more truthfully: when certain elements exist, they are likely to take a second look, to feel free to enjoy and relax, the beneficiary of this project came up with the idea of a spaceship found, invaded by nature and adapted to their needs.

    As soon as a client is asking us for an innovative project, with beautiful use of materials, unique approach, no classic lines, incorporation of nature in design, we, at Ezzo Design, are intrigued. Thus, our result is a scientific basis, or more likely a spaceship invaded by nature, the main character being a Huge Dark Fungus, but this is more like a consequence, when nature takes its rights, and so it completes the space and office design. The same idea is highlighted with the natural plants bursting out of pipes. The same message when it comes to the ceiling lights shattered and abandoned.

    We see here combinations of materials and colours that would probably not end up side by side if the opportunity to do something radical didn’t present itself in the often impossibly complex demands of creating livable space from the old to the unbelievable. This spaceship has been implemented with solutions to gain more space ñ add height, increase the space, expand it with a relaxation zone -† that would probably never have been used in a new structure. Creative ideas that do not really follow any known rules of style, yet produce a unique, cool style of its own.

    The optimal use of sunlight and other natural resources, the selection of nature inspired features and natural plants that require minimal maintenance or watering, are all part of the owners quest for sustainable office design for their employees. And, if you can add that elusive something, that special stroke of genius that makes your design unique, delightful, quirky, even weird, then you would actually take a really good look.

    The kitchen along with the bathroom, the lines, the desks, the pipes, the colours, the drawings, the main entrance, they all have many of the same characteristics in order for the designers to come up with innovative ways to create the feel of a spaceship. This design is distinguished by beautiful weirdness and light, colourful environment, the use of graffiti, a rooftop pavilion that functions as a recreation room and, above all, bold solutions.

    Design: Ezzo Design
    PhotographyAndi Popescu