Standard Textile Offices – Israel

  • Client Standard Textile,
  • Year 2013
  • Location Israel,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Michal Rosen recently completed designing a new office in Israel for Standard Textile meant to achieve comfortable and warm environment that will broadcast the innovation and professionalism of the company.

    Another goal was that one will be able to learn from the office design about the company field of occupation and to create continuity with the visual and graphic language of the company, everything in order to create a good connection between the company and the employees.

    Standard Textile, founded in 1940 in USA, is a textile producer for healthcare, hospitality, decorative products and industrial apparel. The company’s products are at the front of the most innovative technologies of the field.The theme of innovation was broadcasted by shiny finishing materials and by the contrast between white and grey. The monochromatic hues and the grey color create the message of professionalism.

    In general, the color palette and the design of the offices is integrated with the logo design, paperwork, business card and the website visibility and create a continuous visual language.

    The Israeli extension of Standardtextile was in the early years a small company, known as “Arad towels” and was famous for it’s high quality towels. As a gesture to the old company it was decided to design a power wall with towels as the main theme. The wall itself is a bright textured wall, inside it you can see the famous Arad towels rolled in different grey and white colors.

    You can find more references to the company’s occupation field everywhere in the public areas of the offices: In the stretched fabric ceilings at the corridors and reception area and on the floors where the carpets in the corridors are designed like isles inside the parquet floor. There are also rounded textile examples of fabrics designed as an abstract art picture at the end of the corridor and last but not least is the display room, designed as a bedroom in which one can see products for hospitality.

    The vast usage of textile is not coincidental and is meant to serve the branding application at the workspaces.

    Interior DesignMichal Rosen
    Photographer:  Katya Lin