Inside BRIO’s Swedish Headquarters

  • Client BRIO,
  • size 7,104 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Malmö, Sweden,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • BRIO is a famous Swedish toy company established 1884. Ideas and FOJAB architects have recently designed a new office for the company located at Malmö Central station, where the tiny toy trains meets the real trains.

    A few notes from Ideas:

     BRIO’s strong identity has been carefully incorporated into the premises and details. Impossible angles are combined in a playful way with new features – there are now showrooms in every room and everything is made to play with!

    The journey starts already outside the door and proceeds to invite visitors to hang their coats in our upsized Brio product; underground toy. There is room to create tomorrow’s new play. Ideas have created 660sqm of playful and inspiring environment for the BRIO employees. The office was completed in September 2013.

    FOJAB architects adds:

    It is the raw wind at Malmö Central turned into BRIO’s new headquarters . Owner Jernhusen had prepared the adaptation, for example by restoring stairwells, put on roofs, reinforce joists and preparing installations.

    We started from the wind’s special character with brick arches and towering wooden structures and worked with specially designed furnishings. All corners were used to fit . This has led to both unexpected and exciting solutions , I think. There was of course also a lot of installations to take into account. Some are hidden but others have been integrated fully visible in the design.

    The color scheme was also important. We added a black and white , strict base and then added colorful display locations for BRIO ‘s classic toys . Playful foliations was developed together with BRIO ‘s own project team and Ideas AB. It has become an office in a fun way conveys the brand identity for visitors and employees , says Anna Belfrage.

    Design: Ideas
    Architecture: FOJAB architects
    PhotographyMats Uneland, Kasper Dudzik