Inside HDG Architecture and Design’s Spokane Offices

After spending nearly three years in a large corporate office with the view of an dilapidated building in Spokane, Washington,  HDG architecture and design decided to do something about it. And when the time came for the company to find a new office, they decided to take the 100-year old building over for themselves – the result being an excellent office space for the firm’s growing operations.

The firm explains:

Rather than complain to the city and the building owner about its present condition, they decided to embrace it and took the building over. The contractor spent a month clearing out the old building and demolishing 100 years worth of bad finishes. At that point, the interior was left with studs, joists, brick and a dusty cloud. The HDG design incorporated ample workspaces in an open environment, keeping the loft like feeling for the comfort of their employees and clients.

They left the structural elements exposed, proving to be a major highlight in the design. HDG designed workstations, new 36” extruded window boxes, an elevated customer area with room for clients to drop in and just relax or take advantage of the environment to get some of their own work done and a reading lounge area for employees to relax. The conference room was designed to be a quiet area that still felt connected to the rest of the studio utilizing floor to ceiling glazing. The conference room also has “Harry” the six foot tall, caribou watching over the office with his hi-gloss, grenadine colored antlers.

Other office areas include a large industrial kitchen and sample storage area, a converted 12’x12’ light well complete with outdoor shower, barbeque and a sitting area. Cool part about the patio is you have to walk down a long corridor through the bathroom and out a large sliding glass door to access it.

Being a fast growing Architecture firm, HDG wanted to create a buzz and show their lack of fear in throwing the envelope completely out the window. Helping create this is a 25’ wide by 38’ tall billboard façade that has rotating quotes from; “proof design is sexy” one month, a Jim Jarmusch quote the next, to an HDG quote a few months later. All of which is strategically done in conjunction with the entire building being repainted.

Architecture: HDG architecture and design
Engineering: DCI engineers, Spokane office
Construction: JWPM and Acadie Woodworks, Spokane WA.