Inside CoWalski – Inspiration Avenue Coworking Office

  • Client CoWalski - Inspiration Avenue,
  • size 1,130 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Poznan, Poland,
  • CoWalski – Inspiration Avenue is a coworking space located in Poznan, Poland which describes itself as being a modern workshop – a place to meet for people who want to develop their own businesses and passions.

    The office includes providing working space – desks for coworkers, conference room – ideal for business meetings, workshop area and also virtual office services. CoWalski also provides creative spaces – good environment for discovering and developing talents of the youngest. The space we offer enables to carry out all kinds of extra curricular and training activities for children, teenagers and adults in a very comfortable conditions. One of our goals is to create inspiring space for simultaneous development of children as well as adults.

    Within our spaces we promote education, prosocial projects and campaigns – stimulating personal growth and showing the advantages of starting your own business and benefits of such modern solutions as coworking. We also support workshops for women searching for inspiration – single women as well as moms returning to work from maternity leaves. We want to educate local communities about the advantages of renting space which is both very effective as well as very economic way of running business.

    CoWalski – Inspiration Avenue is a solution that stimulates business and enables to share your passions with others. Along with renting our space we do not forget about building positive and professional atmosphere of cooperation. The relations between people, as well as their well being and their feeling of comfort are crucial for us.

    DesignJulia Pankiewicz-Sobisiak
    Photography: Jasiek Kowalski, Michal Handschke