Inside PENSON’s London Offices

  • Client PENSON,
  • Year 2013
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • Architecture and design firm PENSON has recently shown off some photos of their London office space. We’ve shown some of their projects before, so I wouldn’t be doing my job correctly unless I showed their office too.

    And yes, the blue mannequin mascot is named Regina Phalange.

    Some notes on the space:

    Our main office is spacious and organised, with all members of our architecture and design teams sitting together in order to allow constant communication throughout every stage of the project process. Away from the tranquil desk space is a huge area for visitors and employees alike to kick back and relax, boasting comfy sofas, cosy armchairs and a long Deadgood table topped with a variety of fun gadgets and snacks (a jar of sweeties or one of your five a day – take your pick!).

    Everybody in the office has different tastes, styles and ideas, but there’s one thing we can all wholeheartedly agree on: our sound system rules. Set up with multiple powerful wireless speakers hidden around the room and a shared app on all of our computers that allows everybody to control the music at the same time, there’s no need for anybody to have a scrap over who gets to choose the days soundtrack. The office favourites at the moment are Friendly Fires, Haim and Sia – maybe our next step will be to bring out a PENSON mixed tape.

    For the times when we need to get some privacy away from the open plan office there’s our glass conference rooms which are brightened up, softened and given a little character by their pink carpets and mismatched chairs. The completely transparent walls make it feel like you haven’t even left the main room, eliminating any sense of exclusion.

    As you can see we tried our best to properly utilise the space we had, and we did pretty well if we say so ourselves. We created boundaries within the one room with the help of statement pieces of furniture and cleverly placed rugs and achieved an incredibly high standard of design on a shrewd budget. But the thing we’re most proud of is how we’ve managed to really personalise the environment without being too overbearing. It’s all about the subtle touches that make us who we are: the porcelain hen pots for pens, the vintage record players recycled into clocks, and Lee’s custom David Gilmour Fender guitar.

    Design: PENSON