Volaris’ Mexico City Headquarters

  • Client Volaris,
  • size 64,583 sqft
  • Year 2012
  • Location Mexico City, Mexico,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • SPACE has designed a new office space in Santa Fe, Mexico City for low-cost airline company Volaris.

    Volaris chose the international architecture and design firm SPACE to design and plan its new corporate offices located in the Samara building in Santa Fe. The project represented a very complicated challenge in accordance with Volaris’s philosophy. The project had to be a high-performance but low cost office.

    A space that, through the architecture and design, would manifest the brand’s values and redefine the Volaris work experience and that had to be an extension of the Volaris flying experience. The project unfolds on two floors with a total de 6,000 m2. A common denominator of the design was the creation of informal meeting areas, spaces designed especially to hold meetings in a casual and more dynamic way.

    These spaces were designed with waste components from the aeronautical industry, airplane wheels, seats, parts of the carcasses of some planes, etc. The idea was to make an extremely dynamic space that would promote communication and innovation. Volaris’s employees do not have assigned spaces. Everyone can work in the area of the office that works best for them. This is achieved through a wireless network that manages to permanently connect everyone.

    The ceilings were decorated with one of the largest-scale plane collections in Latin America, and this gave this unique space a special touch. Without a doubt, Volaris is an example that big budgets are not necessary to achieve creative solutions that improve an organization’s performance.

    Design: SPACE
    Photography: Paul Czitrom