Inside Yandex’s New Moscow Offices

  • Client Yandex,
  • size 62,430 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Technology,
  • za bor architects have designed a new office which reflects the informal and creative atmosphere of Russian technology company Yandex. The new space is located in Moscow and covers nearly 63,000 square feet.

    The main place in za bor architects’ portfolio is held by offices of IT-companies. It has a lot to do with a pretty informal and creative atmosphere that these firms are willing to build up for their employers, because working environment is one of the key factors that affect the company’s attraction. It is worth to note that Yandex – the largest IT-company in Russia, and one of the world’s leaders in this field, has been intrusting their offices to za bor architects for six years already. Today there are 21 Yandex office in 12 cities of four countries of the world, that za bor architects have developed.

    Recently one more Moscow office of Yandex was opened in Stroganov building in Krasnaya Roza 1875 business quarter. This reconstructed building is full of columns and interstorey premises, which influenced the interiors a lot. The client, as usually, wanted to see a happy and comfortable interior that would hold a large number of specialists.

    The first three floors are connected with a generic element, that is intended to form a giant ribbon, that, while penetrating floors, forms streamlined volumes of meeting and conference rooms.

    The first three floors have the following common elements of all Yandex offices, as open communication lines on the ceiling, unique ceiling lights in complex geometrical boxes, and compound flowerpots with flowers dragging on to the ceiling. Alcove sofas by Vitra are used as bright color spots, and places for informal communication. Wall finishing is traditionally industrial carpet, marker covering, cork; and of course, a poured floor.

    The fourth and fifth floors are constructed in a totally different style. You may only notice two signature elements of za bor architects here – large meeting rooms – architects call them “bathyscaphes”, and employees named them “Orange” and “Tomato” due to their colors.

    Such difference in decoration is determined with very complex construction elements and level differences in the building (the ceiling height varies from 2 to 6 meters), balconies, beams that were left from the previous tenants. Nevertheless, here we can see new colors, partition walls and flooring. Here, in these neutral grey-white interiors, rather than elsewhere, there are many workplaces completed with Herman Miller systems, and the largest open-spaces. Also there are cafeteria and game room with a sport corner.

    This has constrained partition of the building into two separate office, in fact it helps clients and numerous visitors of Yandex Money department to deal with their issues, without distracting technical specialists, located on the top floors.

    Design: za bor architects
    Photography: Maria Turynkina, Dmitry Kulinevich