Inside Amsterdam’s City Hall Offices

  • Client Amsterdam City Govermnent,
  • size 43,055 sqft
  • Year 2012
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Non-Profit / Government,
  • In 2012 Fokkema & Partners Architecten redesigned the public service areas of the Amsterdam City Hall with a new and bold design, making the City Hall strikingly different from your average city space.

    The back offices, and part of the office floors were also transformed, according to the New Ways of Working (NWoW). In collaboration with Titia van den Berg (Identity Consult), Fokkema & Partners managed to create an environment that matches the current conceptions on work, as well as on customer service. The outbreak of the economic crisis during the development stage greatly influenced the final design. Limitations imposed by the economic crisis actually created new opportunities. The transitional character of an interior is expressed in the interior design.

    The choice of materials can be characterized as rough, urban and functional. An example can be found in the use of freight containers that underline the temporary nature of the project. Big changes on the office floors were avoided. Nonetheless a more dynamic floor plan was achieved by making extra openings in existing walls. Bright signal colors accentuate the temporary nature of the interventions, as does the materialization of the furniture. Plywood was used with details like flight case handles and visible stitching on the upholstery. The project has become an example of how existing office buildings can be revitalized with limited budget to meet future requirements.

    Design: Fokkema & Partners Architecten