Arcc Offices’ New Kuala Lumpur Serviced Offices

  • Client Arcc Offices,
  • size 18,000 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
  • Dymitr Malcew has designed a new office environment for Arcc Offices newest location situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Arcc Offices introduces a whole range of break out spaces for collaboration and brings the latest workplace social trends to the forefront.  Apart from the standard configurations in most offices, Arcc Offices also offers intentional space with facilitates necessary for collaborative activities – lounges, meeting rooms, booths and even window benches for that afternoon cuppa at 4pm.

    A hybrid environment that provides not only soundproof offices at high levels of privacy, Arcc Offices also offers a complete range of flexible spaces that allows and better supports open thinking, socialization and collaboration.

    We have learnt from past projects that most offices are dominated by either cubicles or individual suites, restricting not only interaction between neighbours, but also the opportunities to personalize their work spaces due to rigid layouts and limited storage areas. Instead of adding cabinets that would compromise the precious floor area, we equipped every office with generous built-in shelving integrated with a partition system. Apart from the added functionality, this tip  frees up a lot of space for personality as well.

    For a design that is both functional and timeless, we chose to use wood finishes as it evokes a warm and inviting ambience. Colour accents subtly brings the audience from one entrance to another. Recessed door portals were treated with an architectural eye, segmenting public corridors and private offices. This also allowed us to integrate individual signage and light fixtures, giving a heightened sense of privacy and individuality.

    Complementing the warm wood finishing were accent colours in cool mints and pale blues. Inspired by modern Scandinavian design, the result reflects simplicity, functionality and lightness, with a touch of vibrancy along the corridors.

    Arcc Offices serves as a place that fosters meaningful experiences through interaction between people through its forward thinking, inclusive spaces.

    Design: Dymitr Malcew
    Photography: Justin Chen , Dymitr Malcew