Inside Copacino + Fujikado’s Seattle Advertising Offices

Pacific Northwest advertising agency, Copacino + Fujikado engaged IA Interior Architects firm to design its new offices in the recently renovated Joshua Green building—a downtown Seattle landmark.

 The design reflects a refreshing new approach to how the agency works and engages with clients. A family room atmosphere greets visitors with lounge seating, a ping-pong table, beverage counters, and a kitchen with an above the sink window opening to an expansive view of iconic Pike’s Market and Elliot Bay.

All staff and executives sit in open desking systems, which encourage communication and interaction. Circulation space does double duty as workspace while accommodating layout, filing, and work display. Original pivot windows and terrazzo floors celebrate the building’s historic past. And at the heart of the office is the Ideation Room, which brings people together to draw on one another’s creative energies as well as the energy of the city.

Design: IA Interior Architects
Photography: Sherman Takata