Infinite Peripherals’ Offices

  • Client Infinite Peripherals,
  • size 5,000 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • NELSON has developed a new office design for mobile scanner and printer company Infinite Peripherals in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

    Infinite Peripherals, founded in 1993 by Andrew Graham and Jeffrey Scott, develops, markets and sells the technology and peripheral devices/equipment designed to support an aggressively evolving mobile profile and handheld/wireless business climate and culture. As these peripheral devices transform traditional processes in the retail transaction process; Infinite Peripherals continues to develop breakthrough, industry leading technologies with proprietary brand names like ‘Linea Pro’ and ‘Infinea Tab’ which incorporate magnetic stripe readers and bar code scanners to Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad technologies.

    As the business and brand of infinite Peripherals grows so does the real estate and workplace occupancy needs of the office and warehouse requirements. The Illinois office and warehouse location will more than double its size when it moves to its new space.

    The culture and work process at Infinite Peripherals is collaborative and team oriented. With the exception of the customer facing area, conference room, working conference room and tech room, Infinite Peripherals desires an open, light filled environment for all staff. Although the current facility enjoys fairly new furniture, Infinite Peripherals envisions all new furniture products in the new workplace design solution. Some visual and audio privacy will be required as sales staff spend significant time on the telephone.

    It is also interesting to note how glass panels in the existing workstations are used as writable surfaces, which is an important component of the Infinite Peripherals work process.

    Design: NELSON