KLM’s Schiphol Airport Offices / Kgotla

  • Client KLM,
  • Year 2013
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • Kgotla has recently redesigned the Schiphol Airport office space in Amsterdam for KLM Airlines to be more open, engaging, and useful for all levels of staff.

    Dream:  The scattered sections together at a central point which provides a meeting place for all KLM employees and where employees come to work with pleasure.

    Result:  A new workplace where openness and transparency is paramount and that conveys the unique welcoming nature of KLM. Employees are more fun to the office where they can communicate with each other as if they can work in need. Individually both in dialogue

    The Kgotla Workplace at KLM is an open space that facilitates dialogue. The space allows the 85 employees to really meet, hear and see each other and endorses collaborative working.

    The deciding factor in space allocation was not hierarchy, but functionality. Individual working space is reserved for those who use it the most. The management team sit where they spend most of their time; amongst their teams in the shared space.

    KLM introduced the first European Kgotla Boardroom, embedding the Kgotla principles in decision-making; dialogue and listening without prejudice.

    The award winning architect Patrick De Louwere translated the brand identity into a warm and colourful working environment with a spirit.