Wondersauce’s NYC Offices / Homepolish

  • Client Wondersauce,
  • Year 2013
  • Location New York City, New York, United States,
  • Industry Design,
  • Homepolish was recently called in to design a new office space for digital design and development agency Wondersauce.

    Wondersauce isn’t just a digital design and development agency—it’s an entire experience. But even the most creative companies can fall victim to major interior design dilemmas. Situated in a historic high rise in New York’s newly-minted “NoMad district,” the office was cramped and stress-inducing, so the crew called us in for a spatial makeover to spark new inspiration.

    The Wondersauce employees needed something sleek and functional, but also playful. Homepolish designer Danielle got straight to work. First order of business? Splashing on a fresh coat of paint and carving out a space to entertain clients and guests. In the main work area, they decided on a calming color palette of grays, woods and mixed metals, and added lots of fresh greenery for a lively look.

    While Wondersauce is all business during the daytime, this is definitely a crew that knows how to have fun. On a daily basis you’ll find employees challenging a colleague to a game of ping pong or stretching out on one of the comfy sofas in the lounge area. To tie in their funky spirit, Danielle added bold, graphic prints on the walls, and gave their prized bedazzled wrestling belts a prominent place on the bookshelves. When asked his favorite feature of the new space, co-founder Eric will point to the giant Wondersauce logo painted on the wall—a reminder of all they’ve accomplished and all they’ve got to look forward to.