Heineken’s New Seoul Offices / Han Design

  • Client Heineken,
  • size 13,454 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Seoul, South Korea,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Han Design has developed a new office design for global beer brand Heineken’s Seoul, South Korea offices.

    Recently Heineken Korea moved to their new office located in Kangnam, Seoul. The building floor is bright and clear with windows from the floor to ceiling and it commands a fantastic panoramic view on all sides. The design brief focused in creating an interactive work environment where people work and socialize freely. The layout had to be flexible with a clear identity.

    Heineken beer is fresh, pure, natural and joyful. The red spark at the Heineken company logo signifies the energy and dynamics of its people. The office Visual Identity borrows values from Brand identity and Corporate identity. Both are an integrated part of theinterior design like the apparent randomly setting of the desks in the open office; the use of pristine white for furniture, the presenceof plants and greenery, the fiber woven floor covering, the barley colored wood doors and desk screens. The work areas are simple yet professional with a zest of sophistication.

    Visitors and employees are welcomed by a cozy, open multi-purpose space located in the center of the office. The linear pathwaythat connects both formal office work areas passes through a range of informal activities where people can meet and work together.Itconnects the reception with the office area on either side. The interaction between the formal and informal stimulates the mobility of the office staff; the office nomad. It creates a synergy that is characteristic of the company’s dynamics.

    The multi-purpose area is very relaxed and intend for group activities during the day. This heart of the office creates a sense of place and belonging; a sense of Heineken community. People just relax and talk freely with a cup of coffee. They may work intensively during meetings or seminars. Or someone just wants to read a book in the library. Free interaction and communication between people stimulate the creation of innovative ideas; the Agora effect. After office hours this multi-purpose area transforms into a fabulous space where imagination takes the lead.

    Design: Han Design
    Design Team: Choi Hyun Jung, Kwon Oh Duk, Lee Won Taek, Han van der Stap
    General contractor: DawonID&C
    Photography: Kwon Oh Duk