Hollard Australia Group’s Real Insurance Call Center

  • Client Real Insurance,
  • Year 2014
  • Location Australia,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Siren Design has designed a new office space for Hollard Australia Group’s Real Insurance call center.

    Nicknamed ‘The Basement’, Siren designed the level 8 call centre for Real Insurance, one of Hollard Australia Groups many brands. Designed independently to the rest of the head office, one of the client’s main concerns was the high turnover of staff due to the inconvenient location of the previous site, as well as the average demographic of staff being younger than those across the other four office floors.

    Siren Design created a fun and edgy environment which could be customized, such as the ‘identity wall’ in the lift lobby and the ‘team wallboards’ which the teams can accessorize with personal items. At the centre of the floor is the games den – a multi-faceted, plywood-clad breakout space that doubles as a staff presentation area. Air conditioning has been cleverly integrated by venting through acoustic perforations in the ceiling panels while slimline LED strips provided appropriate lighting levels within the room whilst keeping a minimalist aesthetic.

    A full height green wall was installed to create a sense of continuity as it is a consistent visual feature across all upper floors.Vibrant and highly textural graphics were designed to inject colour and character throughout the workspace, including vinyl signage on plywood boxes in the games den and the metal wire fencing texture that encases a small collaboration room.

    DesignSiren Design