Melty Group’s New Paris Offices

  • Client Melty Group,
  • Year 2014
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • YAD  Initiative has designed a new office space in Paris, France for online media network Melty Group that is meant to provide informal and organic working space for the growing company.

    Since 30% of the overall office is allocated for informal working space, ‘La Prairie’ has been designed to be a space where people meet, talk and work informally. This informal space inspired the concept of a natural atmosphere made of wooden seats and tables. At such a Hi-tech startup, the presence  of computers, laptops, tvs is always dominating, therefore it was important to create balanced and comfortable working atmosphere. ‘La Prairie’ is a space designed to answer the need informal meetings and relaxation and is even known as a special place to have picnics for the companies major clients.

    After opening a new office branch in Milan and soon in Brazil, we set up the concept of ‘The Rainbow’ which is mainly a 24/7 video projection connecting the two countries together allowing collaborators to communicate easily, creating one working space, despite the geographical boundaries.

    As Melty is successfully expanding, we decided to design an international theme for all the upcoming working places. The goal is to develop a design identity for Melty’s working places that provides similar atmospheres for all collaborators despite their location and whether they work from Milan, Paris, or Brazil.

    Showing off is not a target for companies nowadays since the financial crisis, which has had a major impact on office designs. Therefore, collaborators tend to use firms which are able to do well-designed, yet economic working spaces. New methods find solutions in combining functions such as our substitution of an entry portal with a friendly ‘barrier pavillionaire’ which functions well as a security device but is also nice to look at.

    DesignYAD  Initiative
    Construction: Facilitem
    Photography: Briag Courteaux