Lowe Campbell Ewald’s Detroit Offices

McIntosh Poris Associates and  Neumann/Smith Architecture have developed a creative new office space in Detroit, Michigan for advertising firm Lowe Campbell Ewald.

McIntosh Poris Associates developed a scheme designed to promote spontaneous interaction among departments—collisions of collaboration—that both foster creative collaboration as well as independent work.The office, set in a former Hudson’s Department Store warehouse facility, is designed to reflect Campbell Ewald’s identity, values, and character. Given the nature of the building, the design is also meant to enlarge definitions of workspace, mixing old and new as well as industrial and modern.

The design exposes the existing structure with an industrial palette of concrete, and steel, with wood for warmth and color. The design offers a simple, cost-effective solution resulting in an active, collaborative environment. Strategic planning of the work environment allows flexibility to remain current with evolving technology and working relationships

The lobby-level atrium was designed as the social hub of the workplace. Landscape seating, plantings, coffee bar, and bleachers were designed to view activity in the offices and meeting rooms above. Large existing windows and newly created skylights create a glow in this wonderful space for both large and small gatherings.

Designed objects—termed “break-up” spaces—for informal meetings were deployed throughout the floor plan, both defining focused work zones and providing outlets for impromptu meetings and creative encounters. McIntosh Poris Associates completed preliminary design, programming, and schematic design for this project.

Design ArchitectMcIntosh Poris Associates
Design Team: Michael Poris, John Skok, Laurie Hughet-Hiller, Jaclyn Melfi, Lauren Barry, Renee Kaip, Tom Affeldt, Drew McNamara, Jennifer Baross
: Neumann/Smith Architecture
ContractorTurner Construction Company
PhotographyJustin Maconochie