Instant’s London Headquarters

  • Client Instant,
  • Year 2014
  • Location United Kingdom, England,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • Instant, a global provider of workspace solutions, has recently moved its global head office into the prestigious Blue Fin building in Southwark, London.

    Designing offices with unusual features to improve energy efficiency is often used to convey that the office provider is progressive and ‘in the know’ with regards to the latest architectural trends.’ This relocation is in line with a trend that Instant has observed in the thousands of businesses it helps every month: businesses are increasingly desiring an energy efficient workplace, which they know often translates into cost efficiency too.

    As businesses are increasingly showing a preference for ‘green’ working environments, flexible office providers are changing their offering to meet demand. For example, serviced office provider Business Environment has a project team – ‘The Green Group’ – who focus on their tenants recycling performance.

    The Office Group, another serviced office provider, has created green roof gardens on a number of their buildings so that they can harvest rainwater, which is then irrigated and used to flush the toilets. The Office Group have also added wind turbines to help power the irrigation process, and laid flooring made from recycled tyres. In fact, one of their offices even has counter tops made from recycled yoghurt cartons!