Second Opinion – Ramat Gan Offices

  • Client Second Opinion,
  • size 4,305 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Ramat Gan, Israel,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Hagai Nagar Architects has designed a new office space for healthcare startup Second Opinion, which is located in Ramat Gan, Israel.

    Second Opinion is a typical example of the great offices you can find in Tel Aviv: Specialized in the area of ​​high medical technologies it has recently expanded its premises, located in the tower “V Tower.” The public and private spaces have more and more merged into one area to meet and share ideas. It’s about creating a comfortable space, focusing on the interaction between employees. The bench systems, including the “Benching” (long bench), now highly prized, play a role in the design environment.

    The coffee machine, replaced by the kitchen, joined the collective space that must now be a place for the exchange, where you can meet amongst employees operating in various fields. Thus, each team member is integrated throughout the organization process, which is a major factor of efficiency.

    Generation Y has grown up! Used to a world based on shared experiences, files and information, this new generation of employees ‘mobile’ work, armed with laptops and tablets, in cafes, schools and transport can now cruise into work!

    DesignHagai Nagar Architects
    Photography: Uzi Porat