rb2 – Netherlands Offices

  • Client rb2,
  • size 5,381 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Purmerend, Netherlands,
  • Industry Design,
  • New Purpose has recently transformed an old high school into a modern office space for internet solutions company rb2.

    rb2 develops tailor made internet solutions for websites, content management systems, e-commerce platforms, web applications, mobile apps and social media. They are located in both The Netherlands and China. The client and product organizers are based in Purmerend (The Netherlands) together with technical project managers and lead developers.

    The rb2 team in China consists of about 70 highly trained technical professionals; project managers, software developers and testers. Because of the large pool of skilled programmers, rb2 is able to increase the production capacity very quickly. This flexibility allows rb2 to host both smaller and big projects on a fixed price, fixed date basis whilst staying on budget and meeting agreed deadlines.

    The flawless and highly organized collaboration between project management in The Netherlands and technical execution in China enables rb2 to deliver sharply priced, high quality work in a short space of time.

    The assignment
    Turn an old high school into an inspiring, pleasant, creative and modern work environment. Oh, and we need the design in 3 weeks…

    The diagnoses
    The old school (national monument – dated 1922) consisted of many big and weird shaped spaces with high ceilings and large windows. The space needed a complete overhaul: all floors, ceilings, inner walls and all installations needed to be flipped in order to enter the current century.

    The New Purpose solution
    The New Purpose design team devised an appealing floor plan and compliant design, featuring a wide open entrance with two large communal (lunch) tables. Next there is the first, smaller meeting room in white created. At the back, there are the spacious and colourful pantries. The bigger meeting room, seating 10pax, was outfitted in Dutch orange.

    Of course, the rb2 work stations we devised are modern open office design. All ceilings were spayed with acoustic plaster which gives the spacious offices a cosy, pleasant feel and makes for a really great work place!

    The brown café
    One of our clients’ credos reads: ‘Happy employees create happy customers’. So to top it all off, we added a typically Dutch “brown café” to the lay-out; the perfect place to watch (and/or play) football with co-workers, unwind, interact and enjoy a nice cold beer from the tap. Opens every Friday afternoon!

    Design: New Purpose
    Partners: DeProjectinrichter.com (office furniture)
    Photography: Bas Arps