Mozilla Corporation – Mountain View Headquarters

  • Client Mozilla,
  • size 54,000 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Mountain View, California, United States,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • San Francisco-based MKThink has designed a 54,000 square foot office that serves as Mozilla’s new headquarters in Mountain View, California. We’ve previously seen several offices throughout the various stages of the company’s history.

    “Coded” with the same passion, open-source, and collaboration methodologies that Mozilla uses to create its software products, the new space embodies the company’s culture of openness and transparency. Recognizing the important contributions of Mozilla’s extensive volunteer community while simultaneously enhancing the capabilities of full-time staff to collaborate effectively became the driving force in planning the new space.

    Reworking an existing concrete shell originally built in 1982, the MKThink team engaged more than 200 Mozillians before beginning the design process to decide how to best create a space that everyone would be excited about and could work efficiently within. Online surveys, group and individual interviews conducted in person, all hands presentations to the entire staff, and follow-up email exchanges yielded useful insight that was woven directly into the design.

    Some key features resulting from this process include:

    • Everyone works in an open, transparent environment, with no private offices.
    • Team collaboration and high-quality telepresence is supported through a variety of 60+ unique team rooms that support different group sizes; almost all of these spaces are video conferencing-capable.
    • Large “commons” space that’s open to the worldwide Mozilla volunteer community and provides a place where full-time Mozillians can interact with volunteers and each other.
    • Two open staircases increase interaction between employees across the separate floor plates.

    Design: MKThink
    Photography: Bernard Andre