Radian – Philadelphia Offices

  • Client Radian,
  • size 25,000 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • NELSON has developed a new office for mortgage insurance company Radian in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    In opening a new 25,000 square foot Orientation Automation Center, Radian brought together its corporate, technology and operations teams to the result that using an open-plan floor plate accommodates their business units’ continuously changing needs, offers improved workspaces and enhances collaboration.

    NELSON created a high-energy, fun and collaborative workplace, which employs cues from the Radian’s financial industry, community, company history and sustainability achievements.

    Additional space was needed to accommodate staff increases at the Headquarters building, given the dedication of additional resources to support a new modernization program over the next 5 years. The modernization program will leverage Iterative (a flavor of Agile) development. Based on visits to other companies/locations, research provided by NELSON, and comments from CapGemini, the consultant leading the system integrator and Modernization effort knew that an open work plan is a best practice that would be most conducive to a productive environment for our project team.

    Additional benefits of the new space design include:

    • Reduction of square footage per person
    • Reduction of overall corporate carbon footprint

    The new space design will attract and retain technical talent by featuring a state of the art work space.

    Design: NELSON