Alien Trick – Hengelo Offices

  • Client Alien Trick,
  • size 11,840 sqft
  • Year 2012
  • Location Hengelo, Netherlands,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Full service media agency Alien Trick recently moved into a new office space. Its interior was completely designed by the company’s employees.

    AlienTrick is a full service media agency which creates software and media content solutions with passion for its clients.

    Transparency is at our core, from person to property. Openness, honesty and personality is in our DNA. Our premises form a part of this DNA, which makes these characteristics at AREA51 felt everywhere. We have an open office, because space and openness feed our creativity. We are transparent, that is our personality and our way of working.

    Our open office allows us to work in flexible teams. It allows us to work informally, so every specialist can add their knowledge to the project. This leads to an inspiring and pleasant working environment and also to the best results for our clients.

    To feel at home and be yourself, that is important for us when you walk into our building. People spent most of their time at work, so we have to make it fun and pleasant to be there. Our living room on the top floor contributes to completeness, to achieve our goal and inspire informally. We do not only feel at home in our living room, but also on our roof terrace. The place where we enjoy the sunshine, where we keep an informal barbeque or where we are inspired by the smell of freshly cut grass while we are having a meeting.

    Our open character gives us the space for inspiration.

    The complete interior is designed by the employees of AlienTrick. Our new 1100+ m2 work environment and 340m2 storage hall was completed in January 2012. Our space is located in Hengelo, in the east of the Netherlands.

    Design: Fons Nijland and AlienTrick
    Photography: Tjeerd Derkink