Selex ES – Southampton Offices

Sketch Studios has developed a new office space in Southampton for electronics and IT company Selex ES.

Workspace optimisation and employee wellbeing were the order of the day at Selex ES, as Sketch Studios, known for providing modern, well considered furniture solutions for businesses, oversaw a refit at its Southampton office.Selex ES, an international leader in electronic and information technologies, now has a fully equipped restaurant, state of the art conference suite and flexible hot desk zone.

Employee wellbeing and empowerment were at the forefront of the design process. All staff had the chance to have their say via a Gensler Workplace Study, a company which conduct ongoing research into what drives success in the workplace, and Sketch Studios was then able to take these employee findings and incorporate them into the design process.

All of the furniture has exceptional ergonomics, designed to look modern yet be highly comfortable and help prevent repetitive strain injuries, and there is a real focus on communication and collaboration. Sketch Studios has refurbished the restaurant, encouraging staff to socialise away from their work stations and hold more informal meetings. There are also brainstorming areas, fully fitted with the latest technology, as well as flexible break out areas and hot desks, designed to suit the needs of the more transient worker.

These more relaxed and comfortable spaces are interspersed with more formal working areas. Sketch Studios has incorporated specialised teleconference booths, which accommodate Web Ex Conferences, teleconferences and private phone calls, as well as dedicated concentration areas for quiet working and structured meeting rooms for more formal meetings.

The result is a modern yet functional workspace that now makes efficient use of the space available and puts employees first. It has also put the wheels in motion for a company-wide standardisation programme, which will see the company following a uniform style and culture across all of its offices.  As well as designing the new surroundings in Southampton, Sketch Studios was tasked with creating a group corporate furniture catalogue that will be distributed throughout the UK, ensuring that all offices will have the same style of furniture and similar design features.

Design: Sketch Studios
Photography: Thierry Cardineau