Konsina – Istanbul Offices

  • Client Konsina,
  • size 2,475 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • A4 Architecture has designed a new office space for Konsina in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Konsina as a new and young company which entered to pharmaceutical industry in 2013, opened it’s first Istanbul Office in Trump Towers. This 230 m2 working space plays a significant role in underling of the corporate identity of company. A4 Architecture, while designing the workplace of this dynamic team, aimed to bring together the basic architectural elements with a fairly simple touch.

    A4 Architecture points out that it is not possible to isolate the designing process of an interior space from the production parameters, especially these days when the dynamics of contemporary architecture basically base on the supply-demand balance. The new office of Konsina, with providing benefits from the small-scale of project, handled as a poetic space where the architecture and production have represented with the most nominative way and where whole thoes production parameters superposed.

    “Space”, can basically defined a wall that has been walked alongside, a roof that flies on top of the head or a ground that has been stood on. In this project, the space considered as a whole. In the process of creation of this holistic space, the simplest spatial element of geometry; “the line“ has used. The walls reduce to “the lines” from place to place and these lines create the ceiling with maintaining the spatial continuity. The lines flow and pass through every separator without any spatial interruption (even there is a functional difference between spaces) and continue to flow as overflowing to the city.

    The corporate identity of company has been hidden in the details. Every solution of details designed as an aperture to reflect the corporate identity. “The healthcare sector” which Konsina is included in; has been an important reason for the occurrence of the conceptional concerns; to create bright, continuous and clear spaces. Consequently, a working space has tried to be created which demonstrates the sectoral situation of company and also which is an enjoyable place for its users.

    Design: A4 Architecture
    Design team: Adil Kırkaya, Erdem Argun, Argun Alıcı
    Photography: Polat Gülkaş